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There is not one problem in your business that can’t be solved by bringing in new customers

We’ll show you how with the 7 Steps to more customers.

“Promote, promote, promote”

— Grant Cardone

 If you’re struggling to meet your bills, pay your suppliers or even recruit new staff, then solve the problem now by bringing in new customers. It’s not hard. You just need to be prepared to work hard and commit to your business.

If you’re not promoting your business everywhere and to as many people as you can right now, then you are losing business to your competitors. It doesn’t matter how good your products or services are, if no one knows about you they are not going to be your customers.

We’ve created a step by step program for business people

We’ve found that many business people feel overwhelmed with the range of digital marketing and advertising options available to them. Often, we see business people like you try to save money and it ends up costing more than you thought it was going to. We hear nightmare stories about businesses spending huge amounts generating leads, unfinished websites and poorley executed SEO campaigns. At Rebel Connect we want you to be the expert at what you do and let us take care of the rest.

how does it work?

Our teams work with local business people and teams everyday to turn around their business using effective advertising and marketing techniques and at your time frame and budget. Our programs include all your brand awareness campaigns using radio and social media. We create call to action campaigns for those special events and can even build in a range of other products to help you out.

You don’t get the high one off costs all at once. We build your campaign and cost it over 12 or 24 months, so you can get all the tools you need to compete in the digital world. All our clients have different needs and are at different stages of their development, but the one thing they do have in common is that they ALL WANT MORE CUSTOMERS.

LEARN more

We’re creating a super networking group on Facebook that helps you and other businesses get advice on all aspects of business. We’ve teamed up with our preferred partners to give you specialist advice and help on advertising, marketing, book keeping, accounting software, leadership programs, DISC profiling, mentorship, Zodiak training, off shoring work and outsourcing.

Our Services

At Rebel Connect we become part of your team. You get access to a range of highly trained people that are committed to growing your business. You get access to Graphic Designers, web designers and builders, video story strategists and editors, advertising consultants and social media advertising strategists. You also get access to our ideas team too to build on your advertising campaigns.

Facebook Advertising


Radio Advertising

Graphic Design

Web Development


Social Proof Video

Let’s get you started
The first step is building awareness. If people don’t know you exist, they can’t use you

Our consultation is free and we can build a schedule that gets all the advertising and digital tools you need to run your business.

If you’re ready to commit to promoting your business, we can help. Contact us now and we’ll make the call.

Rebel Connect is an independently owned company that has been operating for over 25 years. It’s Australian owned and based on the Gold Coast. The company operates the Rebel FM Radio Network, the Breeze Radio Network across Queensland and New South Wales. We also own Rebel Digital and the trades and services guide USEALOCAL.COM.AU