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When times get tough one of the first expenses that business owners and managers cut is their advertising.

Businesses say to me, “ I have to pay rent, I have to pay my staff and I have to keep the power on”, so the next biggest cost is advertising and in tough times is the first to go.

If you curl up and die (go quiet) during tough times you are handing 100% of market share to your competitors. You need to fight. Don’t react. Build a long term strategy that gets you the right tools, gets cash flow moving again with a call to action campaign and brand your business long term. If you do this properly now, you’ll come out of these tough times stronger than before.

In a fight, the person that has had the training and has a plan of attack will always win over the person that comes out swinging wildly. A knee jerk reaction now can cost you dearly. So let us help you plan to be around for the long term.
Our 7 Steps to More Customers Program is designed to audit your business online tools and your marketing strategies and then build a long term plan based on your budget to allow you to have an effective website, social media presence, branding campaign and more.

People are spending money on marketing that goes NOWHERE.

Businesses are spending GROSS amounts of money on Google adwords sending them to a phone number on a website or to a website that does not convert. You’re paying for the lead and giving the job to your competitor.

Our website audit will give you clarity on how this might be affecting your business

Our website audit is free. We just need 20 minutes of your time. On the phone, skype or face to face if you prefer and prepare a plan that will keep your business top of mind with your customers

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Rebel Connect is an independently owned company that has been operating for over 25 years. It’s Australian owned and based on the Gold Coast. The company operates the Rebel FM Radio Network, the Breeze Radio Network across Queensland and New South Wales. We also own Rebel Digital and the trades and services guide USEALOCAL.COM.AU
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